Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Tall, dark and handsome

I love diamonds! That's right. I love diamonds. I am hopelessly, head over heels in love.

Now, anyone that knows me well enough, knows that I like things that are just a little bit off-center or out of the ordinary. I have seen some amazingly beautiful brilliant cut ideal diamonds. They're amazing and make me dizzy, but I ultimately love alternative shapes more than the rounds. Now don't get me wrong, it's not that I would ever refuse a piece of jewelry with a round diamond. My current favorite shape is the cushion cut, but as being a diamond gemologist, looking at diamonds all day long it takes a lot to impress me or, the other side of the coin, I see so many different unique diamond shapes that I can fall in love with a new diamond a week or month. This week I have not only experienced new shapes that I never had the pleasure to work with, but also the most beautifully vivid colors of diamonds that simply took my breath away. Now being a person that can touch and taste a multitude of diamonds, know that it takes a lot for me to ooh and ahh over a diamond, but these colors really did it for me. Their energy, strength, and luster just simply, even the most jaded of people, Men included; who lean more toward the idea of, are you kidding me, how much is that, a quarter is bigger then that and only cost .25 cents. That’s when I can proudly state, honey I have found you a deal of the century (deal being a magic word) and you can also make me deliriously happy and buy me the most perfect gift that, might just get you lucky or can count as my birthday, anniversary and valentines gift (only if 3.00carets and higher of course for so many occasions).

If my honey doesn’t pull through, anyone out there tall, dark and handsome with my dream diamond call me I’m listed.

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