Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Dead man walking

Hello, I wanted to tell you about the wedding I went to this past week. I was told this is the new innovation that is coming to society (I still have my doubts). Anyway this wedding was an eco-wedding, to the extreme.
Ok I can understand and even appreciate wearing either a dress that has been past down from mother to daughter, even renting a fabulous designer gown for ½ the cost. But I will never come to grips with this one.
Making a diamond from the ashes of a died person, as a gemologist and someone who loves beautiful things, I am sorry that is just icky. I mean you are wearing for the rest of your life, the remains of someone. That you usually know the deceased does not matter to me, and let be real are you sure that all the ashes came from granny or not.
I mean think about it, on your finger for the next 25-50’s you will be wearing a dead body on your finger, it just brings visions of decomposing bodies (like on CSI Miami), or worms crawling out of eye balls in the latest horror movie..
When some whispered that to me during the ceremony I almost gagged, then screamed, “If you are so afraid of affecting the environment, why didn’t you just buy a l grown diamond” and then they would not have a dead person on their finger, because lets be real, that is just disgusting!
I of course never said anything to the bride or groom, but you better believe I said it to everyone else as well as give them the card to JewelNet. Basically saying if you ever get sick of the dead person on your finger give me a call.I know that was very brass of me, but that is just gross!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I just had the pleasure to see the extraordinary necklace in this little Palm Beach shop; I have to say being a Gemologist at first glance I did not know they were cultured diamonds. It was so vivid in color with about 72 stones with a weight of 62 carets I expected it to be priced at well over a million dollars. When they told me the price I had to do a double take.
I mean if I can have something this beautiful then my old snobbish ways be damn, I will absolutely consider cultured diamonds that look like this.

With the price of everything from gas to milk being at an all time high who has the spare funds to waste on a luxury item. But when you are face to face with something this extraordinary how can you say no. For the price and quality it is a bargain that should not be missed. You know as soon as the world catches on to the craze of cultured diamonds the price will go up that much more. You know what, I also always like to find a bargain, it’s like winning a card game with a pair of 2’s, and you just know how good that feels.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Rejuvenation Hello Everyone, I can say this has been the longest most stressful week of my life. So many changes most them out of my control, which I hate, being the control freak that I am. Having all that stress makes me thankful that with everything going on; at least working at Renaissance diamonds has been a light in the dark tunnel.

I have been looking at the most breath taking diamonds that renaissance has created and I have ever seen. The best part is matching the diamonds to a stunning setting that accentuates the diamond itself; I always say “The setting is the packaging but what’s inside the box is what really matters.” I look at the diamond as what is in the box and the setting is the pretty packaging.

I do have to say that after hour upon hour your creativity and enthusiasm starts to wane, but it never fails that I then stumble on a gorgeous diamond and ring that just speak volumes to me and I rejuvenate.

I hope everyone likes what I have selected and will take a look at the finished product once it is done, to give me that stamp of approval that we never admit to needing but find we are always looking for. So cheers till then, I can’t wait for your comments, good bad or ugly, I’m a big girl I can take it, mainly because I know it will be Good!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Barbie diamond jewelry to support children's aids foundation

Mattel's popular childhood icon, Barbie, is the inspiration of a new jewelry collection scheduled to be launched this month. The first collection, which features pink diamonds, precious and semi-precious colored stones and rare metals, entitled Silhouette, portrays the classic Barbie profile of a ponytail, long eyelashes and a ski-jump nose.

The collection includes two necklaces: the "Luxe" Barbie pendant and Barbie dogtag in 18k white, yellow or rose gold with black diamonds or yellow or pink sapphires; and, the "Classic" necklace in sterling silver.The collection also contains Barbie bracelets in sterling silver with 18k rose gold charms.

The jewelry, which was created by Layna and Alan Friedman, can be purchased at the Alan Friedman boutique or online for amounts which range between US$185 to US$15,000. A portion of the proceeds from sales will be donated to the Children Affected by Aids Foundation.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

This blog is about the joys of womanhood; in particular, the joys of "Hot Flashes!" For those women over 40 that are currently or have experienced the joys of the HOTTEST moments (hottest ALONE moments, that is) of their life…this is for you.

Last night I woke up "on fire" in the middle of the night. I had an epiphany of what it must feel like to be a piece of carbon and experience High Pressure, High Temperature or HPHT. For those who don't know, in the jewelry industry, HPHT is an incredible technological breakthrough. HPHT allows the creation of gem quality diamonds in a controlled environment. Yes, Real Diamonds, created by man! Personally, I would not have any qualms about experiencing this mid-life HPHT dilemma if I could wake up after my flash to something as beautiful as a Renaissance Fancy Cultured Diamond left under my pillow like the "Hot Flash Fairy" had made a visit. Wishful thinking! Instead, I guess I will have to reward myself with the purchase of another Renaissance Cultured Diamond to celebrate my journey through life.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

"That's not me, that's Rupert Holmes!"

Well a little about me: I like Pina Coladas, and getting caught in the rain, the feel of the ocean, and the taste of champagne. Wait, that's not me, that's Rupert Holmes.

I'm a fun, happy, creative guy who lives in Lake Worth with my wife, our 7 year old boxer and our daughter (well she is due 06/08 but I’m still going to count her cause this is my blog) and we really love living in South FL.

What’s new? We’re having a baby!! That’s what’s new! The fact that the NY Giants have taken their third Lombardi trophy was huge for me in 2008, but nothing close to the fact that soon, I will be someone’s father!

A few months ago we had a doctor’s appointment where we did the ultrasound that confirmed the sex of the baby. The Ultrasound lady poked and prodded my wife, all the while, staring at some blobs and flashes of light on the screen, and then all of a sudden she blurted out, "It's a Girl"! Somewhere in Atlanta, my sister in law smiled ear to ear. I asked the Ultrasound lady, "How do you know?" and she said, "Because I saw the 3 lines". All I could think of at that moment was “3 lines means girl?

She printed us out a picture of what she says is proof of a girl with an arrow and the label “girl parts”. But I've got to tell you, the ultrasound looks like one of those mall posters where if you stare at it long enough and kind of unfocus your eyes, a boat or something pops out at you in 3D... I'm just not getting it.

There's a lot of people that ask me if was disappointed when we found out that we were having a girl, which is insane, because it couldn't be further from what I'm feeling. Before we even started trying to have a baby and someone would ask me what I wanted, I'd say either: "a healthy child" or “10 fingers & 10 toes”. That was true then, and it’s just as true now. I have to say though with all honesty, that if making a baby were like choosing candy from a vending machine, it would have been a boy. Simply, in my mind, a boy is just the easiest route. But, in less than 3 months, I'm going to be the proud parent of a little baby girl. I won't love her any less or be disappointed that she is not a boy. However, the thought of raising a girl is scaring the crap out of me. I sure hope she likes the NY Giants.

Make a wish foundation

Well you will never believe the night I had, I went to this charity event at the New Hilton Hotel on the water in Ft. Lauderdale. I do have to say it is very nice, but it did not hold to the Make A Wish fund raiser that was being held.

Excellent food and service but the greatest thing were the Models (not vogue Models) real women coming out wearing dresses of flowers. The one that caught my eye was done in all hot house orchids and this made me think of Cultured Diamonds and how even more stunning these gowns would look, with Splash of Colored Diamonds.

I even spoke to the coordinator and arranged for the next fund raiser we could also dazzle everyone with some of the most Vivid Color they have ever seen. What was equally flattering, is that they asked me to do their next show, girls you will understand this, my first thought was, not until I lose 10+ pounds; but of course this now gives me more motivation.

Just think about how beautiful the girls would look is frosting themselves with color,
I can’t think of anything more delightful. I am personally picturing a beautiful Dolce and Gabbana or a Christian Dior gown with the most Vividly Elegant Cultured Diamonds, the color will just explode, I am even thinking of just jewelry with heels, that will make that special someone standup and take notice if you get my meaning.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Tall, dark and handsome

I love diamonds! That's right. I love diamonds. I am hopelessly, head over heels in love.

Now, anyone that knows me well enough, knows that I like things that are just a little bit off-center or out of the ordinary. I have seen some amazingly beautiful brilliant cut ideal diamonds. They're amazing and make me dizzy, but I ultimately love alternative shapes more than the rounds. Now don't get me wrong, it's not that I would ever refuse a piece of jewelry with a round diamond. My current favorite shape is the cushion cut, but as being a diamond gemologist, looking at diamonds all day long it takes a lot to impress me or, the other side of the coin, I see so many different unique diamond shapes that I can fall in love with a new diamond a week or month. This week I have not only experienced new shapes that I never had the pleasure to work with, but also the most beautifully vivid colors of diamonds that simply took my breath away. Now being a person that can touch and taste a multitude of diamonds, know that it takes a lot for me to ooh and ahh over a diamond, but these colors really did it for me. Their energy, strength, and luster just simply, even the most jaded of people, Men included; who lean more toward the idea of, are you kidding me, how much is that, a quarter is bigger then that and only cost .25 cents. That’s when I can proudly state, honey I have found you a deal of the century (deal being a magic word) and you can also make me deliriously happy and buy me the most perfect gift that, might just get you lucky or can count as my birthday, anniversary and valentines gift (only if 3.00carets and higher of course for so many occasions).

If my honey doesn’t pull through, anyone out there tall, dark and handsome with my dream diamond call me I’m listed.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

"Dreams come True"

Hey Inter-neter's, I'm Jill, Account Manager at Renaissance Diamonds. We have been requested to "Blog" by the powers that be and to tell you the truth, I really don't have a clue what a "Blog" even is? Wikipedia says, "A blog (an abridgment of the term web log) is a website where entries are commonly displayed in reverse chronological order.”Blog" can also be used as a verb, meaning to maintain or add content to a blog." Huh? Anyone else still confused?

Someone else at work gave me a better description. He said "it's pretty much just a web diary" where I can chit chat, and just blab about Cultured Diamonds which I personally have a passion for or whatever topic comes up. So pretty much, it's like my work week, and my weekends and actually, it's just like me being me 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Why didn't someone say that to begin with?

I just recently received my first Vivid Yellow Orange Renaissance Cultured Diamond ring which I LOVE.

Over 20 years ago, while vacationing in Aspen, Colorado my husband and I were just browsing the shops and we walked past a jewelry store and I literally fell in love with a magnificent Fancy Yellow Diamond ring. My husband who is the most generous, kindhearted man I have ever met humored me and we went inside to inquire about the ring. Needless to say, we walked out without the ring as we were only married for a short time and that ring cost more than our new townhouse. Until recently, before I started working for Renaissance Diamonds, I always thought I wanted a Fancy Yellow Diamond. I became educated that there are different hues within the color grading scale. Light Fancy, Fancy, Intense and Vivid Colored Diamonds. Vivid Diamonds which are the rarest and most expensive of colored diamonds and well beyond my budget unless I was someone like Jennifer Lopez. But fate brought me to Renaissance Cultured Diamonds and here I realized my Aspen dream became my reality with many more Vivid Colored Cultured Diamonds in the near future. “Keep your fingers crossed for me girls!”

“Football and Diamonds?"

This week’s blog is not completely about Cultured Diamonds, Mined diamonds or even the Ace of Diamonds! No, this week is about Football and Diamonds! Now I know you must be saying to yourself, “Football and Diamonds? It’s not even the right season?” “Has Erock lost his marbles?” No ladies and germs, nothing could be further from the truth. When I say Football and Diamonds, I’m talking SUPER BOWL RINGS. In particular, looking towards the NY Giants 2008 World Champion Super Bowl Rings!

It's the ultimate prize for a pro football player--a Super Bowl Championship Ring. Relatively few people will ever own one of these rings, which have become much more ornate since the Green Bay Packers were presented with the ring above after winning Super Bowl I in 1967.

The NFL pays up to $5,000.00 per ring, with up to 150 rings per team. If the rings are over the $5,000 limit, the team owners must make up the difference. Recent rings have been appraised in excess of $20,000 but manufacturers tend to keep this information confidential.

The spending limits don't actually affect the ring designs much, because jewelry companies compete heavily to be chosen as the ring provider, sometimes offering the rings at a discounted price in order to be awarded the prestigious contract.

So to recap, I have limited knowledge about Diamonds, but I am learning. I do however know quite a lot about football, but I don’t think the NY Giants would be interested in an out of shape Art Director on the squad.

Hmmm, I wonder what Renaissance Diamonds would have to do to get that ring contract? Stay tuned.