Thursday, April 10, 2008

This blog is about the joys of womanhood; in particular, the joys of "Hot Flashes!" For those women over 40 that are currently or have experienced the joys of the HOTTEST moments (hottest ALONE moments, that is) of their life…this is for you.

Last night I woke up "on fire" in the middle of the night. I had an epiphany of what it must feel like to be a piece of carbon and experience High Pressure, High Temperature or HPHT. For those who don't know, in the jewelry industry, HPHT is an incredible technological breakthrough. HPHT allows the creation of gem quality diamonds in a controlled environment. Yes, Real Diamonds, created by man! Personally, I would not have any qualms about experiencing this mid-life HPHT dilemma if I could wake up after my flash to something as beautiful as a Renaissance Fancy Cultured Diamond left under my pillow like the "Hot Flash Fairy" had made a visit. Wishful thinking! Instead, I guess I will have to reward myself with the purchase of another Renaissance Cultured Diamond to celebrate my journey through life.

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