Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Rejuvenation Hello Everyone, I can say this has been the longest most stressful week of my life. So many changes most them out of my control, which I hate, being the control freak that I am. Having all that stress makes me thankful that with everything going on; at least working at Renaissance diamonds has been a light in the dark tunnel.

I have been looking at the most breath taking diamonds that renaissance has created and I have ever seen. The best part is matching the diamonds to a stunning setting that accentuates the diamond itself; I always say “The setting is the packaging but what’s inside the box is what really matters.” I look at the diamond as what is in the box and the setting is the pretty packaging.

I do have to say that after hour upon hour your creativity and enthusiasm starts to wane, but it never fails that I then stumble on a gorgeous diamond and ring that just speak volumes to me and I rejuvenate.

I hope everyone likes what I have selected and will take a look at the finished product once it is done, to give me that stamp of approval that we never admit to needing but find we are always looking for. So cheers till then, I can’t wait for your comments, good bad or ugly, I’m a big girl I can take it, mainly because I know it will be Good!

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