Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Make a wish foundation

Well you will never believe the night I had, I went to this charity event at the New Hilton Hotel on the water in Ft. Lauderdale. I do have to say it is very nice, but it did not hold to the Make A Wish fund raiser that was being held.

Excellent food and service but the greatest thing were the Models (not vogue Models) real women coming out wearing dresses of flowers. The one that caught my eye was done in all hot house orchids and this made me think of Cultured Diamonds and how even more stunning these gowns would look, with Splash of Colored Diamonds.

I even spoke to the coordinator and arranged for the next fund raiser we could also dazzle everyone with some of the most Vivid Color they have ever seen. What was equally flattering, is that they asked me to do their next show, girls you will understand this, my first thought was, not until I lose 10+ pounds; but of course this now gives me more motivation.

Just think about how beautiful the girls would look is frosting themselves with color,
I can’t think of anything more delightful. I am personally picturing a beautiful Dolce and Gabbana or a Christian Dior gown with the most Vividly Elegant Cultured Diamonds, the color will just explode, I am even thinking of just jewelry with heels, that will make that special someone standup and take notice if you get my meaning.

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