Friday, March 28, 2008

Fashion Trend

Ok, I just started this new job at Renaissance diamonds, that to be honest, I was not sure about! They sell Colored Cultured Diamonds, so before I took the job, I decided to see what google had to say about them. Apparently they are becoming the newest fashion trend; “thanks Kobe”.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Gemesis launches new website

The Gemesis Corporation, producer of gem-quality, fancy color cultured diamonds, has launched a new website that serves as an educational tool for consumers and the trade. The Florida-based company has designed the site to inform the industry about the company, the growth process, general fancy color diamond information and diamond certification. The site also features jewelry brands carrying Gemesis Cultured diamonds.

“We have completely redesigned our new website with a fresh modern look,” says Gemesis President and Chief Exeuctive Officer Stephen Lux. The site can be viewed at


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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Yes Billion with a "B"!

So gang, this is my first BLOG entry. People have asked me for years why I don't have one and frankly I just didn't make the time. Until now. I actually have lots to say, some might say a little too much. Well poo on them! Here we go!

I started a new job 2 weeks ago as the Art Director for Renaissance Diamonds. My diamond experience thus far in my 38 years has been minimal to say the least unless you're talking about visits to Shea or the Bronx. My 2 Diamond Jewelry transactions have consisted of buying my wife (gf at the time) 1 caret stud earrings with the help and urging of my Mom and a 2.15 caret oval engagement ring, this time with the help of my future Mother-in-Law. Both times I remember saying,"EXCUSE ME!?", "YOU WANT HOW MUCH!?" and "Eric, you LOVE her, just do it!".

Working at Renaissance Diamonds has afforded me the opportunity to enter a different side of the diamond industry, the world of Environment Friendly Cultured Diamonds. A world I honestly had no idea even existed before the interview process for this new gig. After obviously nailing the interview (shameless plug), I did some research to see what the whole fuss was about. I found that U.S. retail natural diamond sales climbed to somewhere around $34 billion in 2006, Cultured Diamonds, also known as lab-created, manufactured, lab-grown or created diamonds, hopes for 5% of that market by 2008. I'm math challenged so I took my shoes off and counted with all my digits. We're talkin 1.5 Billion Dollars annually. Ummm, count me in kids, where do I sign up?

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Bold designs top 2008 jewelry trends

According to an article on jewelry trends, bold designs top 2008 jewelry trends.

Wearing less jewelry pieces is more when it comes to the top jewelry trends for 2008, but the key ingredient for trend-setting fashionistas is larger, bolder styles that are gem-intensive.

That advice comes from Jesse Chao of Gems by Chao, a leading Houston fine jeweler. Chao specializes in advising her gala-minded clientele—a mix of socialites and philanthropists—and matching fine jewelry to their personal style.

In a statement, Chao said women who are already planning to attend galas will be wearing less fine jewelry but adorning themselves with larger, more impressive pieces, for a classic "Grace Kelly" look. Consumers can get the look by wearing a single, diamond-studded cuff bracelet or a one-of-a-kind cocktail ring, for example.

Cocktail rings have loomed on the trend radar for some time now, so the more unique the gemstone is, the better, Chao said.

As for men, sports stars and celebrities have long adorned themselves in diamonds, but the trend for 2008 is to incorporate large colored stones into bold pieces such as bracelets, cuff links and rings.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Gemesis to launch pinks and blues this year

Gemesis, the cultured diamond producer, said today it expects to launch pink and blue diamonds by the end of this year.

Currently, Gemesis only sells cultured diamonds - diamonds that share the same chemical and physical properties of earth grown diamonds but are grown under laboratory conditions - in yellow and orange.

The Florida-based company said it can currently produce colorless stones, but in sizes that would directly compete with the most prevalent mined diamonds and thus it felt no need to bring a product to market that is so readily available.

However, with predictions of a major shortage looming in larger white goods, the company’s said it is working consistently to grow stones in the 5 – 10 carat range. Gemesis expects these types of goods will be commercially available in about three years.

The supply of cultured diamonds remains extremely limited. Gemesis does not give exact figures, but the company is believed to produce and sell around 100,000 carats per year.


Visit and discover the affordable luxury of environmentally friendly, cultured diamonds in beautifully handcrafted settings for rings, earrings, necklaces and pendants.