Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Dead man walking

Hello, I wanted to tell you about the wedding I went to this past week. I was told this is the new innovation that is coming to society (I still have my doubts). Anyway this wedding was an eco-wedding, to the extreme.
Ok I can understand and even appreciate wearing either a dress that has been past down from mother to daughter, even renting a fabulous designer gown for ½ the cost. But I will never come to grips with this one.
Making a diamond from the ashes of a died person, as a gemologist and someone who loves beautiful things, I am sorry that is just icky. I mean you are wearing for the rest of your life, the remains of someone. That you usually know the deceased does not matter to me, and let be real are you sure that all the ashes came from granny or not.
I mean think about it, on your finger for the next 25-50’s you will be wearing a dead body on your finger, it just brings visions of decomposing bodies (like on CSI Miami), or worms crawling out of eye balls in the latest horror movie..
When some whispered that to me during the ceremony I almost gagged, then screamed, “If you are so afraid of affecting the environment, why didn’t you just buy a l grown diamond” and then they would not have a dead person on their finger, because lets be real, that is just disgusting!
I of course never said anything to the bride or groom, but you better believe I said it to everyone else as well as give them the card to JewelNet. Basically saying if you ever get sick of the dead person on your finger give me a call.I know that was very brass of me, but that is just gross!

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Eco Friendly Diamonds said...

I am also a squeamish person and it's hard to realize the reasons why people use exactly the ashes of the dead person for their wedding rings. However, I support the idea of eco wedding with all its traditions including lab grown diamonds. I think, an engagement ring with man made diamond is the first thing on the way to eco friendly wedding.
Hope, a ring was the only thing to frustrate you during the wedding party. *wink*