Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I just had the pleasure to see the extraordinary necklace in this little Palm Beach shop; I have to say being a Gemologist at first glance I did not know they were cultured diamonds. It was so vivid in color with about 72 stones with a weight of 62 carets I expected it to be priced at well over a million dollars. When they told me the price I had to do a double take.
I mean if I can have something this beautiful then my old snobbish ways be damn, I will absolutely consider cultured diamonds that look like this.

With the price of everything from gas to milk being at an all time high who has the spare funds to waste on a luxury item. But when you are face to face with something this extraordinary how can you say no. For the price and quality it is a bargain that should not be missed. You know as soon as the world catches on to the craze of cultured diamonds the price will go up that much more. You know what, I also always like to find a bargain, it’s like winning a card game with a pair of 2’s, and you just know how good that feels.

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