Saturday, June 28, 2008

Synthetic diamonds won't hurt natural diamond industry

There is a lot of controversy around the cultured diamond. These diamonds are synthetic, or in other words, not naturally made. While experts can tell them apart from real diamonds, experts do believe that they can be helpful when added to the industry. Synthetic diamonds are diamond crystals that have been produced by a very complex, technological process. In short, this method is a geological process done by man.

At a recent diamond conference held in Europe, the topic of cultured diamonds came up. The leading investment and corporate leaders in the industry talked about the effects that the cultured diamond would have on the markets. The key is that they did not say the diamond would cause the natural occurring diamond’s prices to fall. Rather, they believe that the synthetic formed diamonds will in fact help to provide some solution to the problem of demand, which the diamond industry has had a difficult time keeping up with.

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