Saturday, June 7, 2008

Gemesis Has Pink – Retail Rollout Expected in Early ‘09

Lab diamond maker Gemesis has announced the beginning of regular production of pink diamonds. This is the firm’s second color range since the commercial production of yellow diamonds was launched

Manufactures are expected to start receiving the rough output by late November of this year, with the first jewelry set with the Gemesis pinks projected to be in stores in early 2009.

Production will start with 1 - 2 carat rough, according to CEO Stephen Lux, though it is understood that larger goods of about 3 carats are expected to be produced at a later stage. The pink lab-created diamonds’ color ranges from fancy purple to vivid pink.

Since Gemesis came onto the market with their range of yellow diamonds, there has been an expectation that additional fancy colors will be introduced. While the company declined to comment, blue diamonds are likely to be offered next.

Gemesis diamonds sell at about a 30 percent discount to natural mined yellows of comparable size, color and clarity. Because of the scarcity of pink diamonds, the discount on the lab-made goods is expected to be less then 30 percent.

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