Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Push Gift

Ok, I don't know who out there does not know what the term ” push gift” means, if you don't then this is for you.

A push gift is a gift a man presents a woman for giving birth to their child, now some might think, why should she get a gift for that? That is when I have to say, you try to get out a bowling ball out of a whole the size of a marble and let me know how you feel.

My friend recently gave birth to her first child and asked me to help her husband find the perfect push gift (she wanted to be surprised). Well do you know he was one of those souls who believed (as you see I used past tense) why should she get a gift. Well after explaining to him the necessity of the gift he relented, but do you know if he had his choice he would have gotten her a coffee maker or something (believe it or not). But then the magical day arrived, 3 weeks early I might add and her husband finally was a believer in the push gift.

When he witnessed the pain and suffering the women he loved went through to bring a life into this world, he did a complete 360, from coffee maker to not only a diamond but a pink diamond to welcome his newest addition into this world.

We went to JewelNet.com and found the most beautiful Pink diamond pendant that she can wear and pass down to their precious bundle of joy. Both mother and daughter are extremely happy with their new gift and plan on wearing it for many years to come.

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