Monday, January 26, 2009

Karats? Carats?

The terms "karat" and "carat" are thrown around a lot in the jewelry industry, but what do they really mean? Is there a difference?

The answer is Yes. 

"Karat" (K, KT.) always refers to gold and "carat" (ct.) always describes a gemstone. But the differences don't stop there. "Karat" measures the purity of gold where "carat"measures the weight of a stone, regardless of its purity. 

Pure gold, and gold which is traded in the market, is always 24 KT. However, when metals are added to the gold, the jewelry is no longer pure gold. The alloy formed will fall into the 10KT, 14KT or 18KT category. 

Two gemstones with the same carat may not be the same size. It is crucial to remember that carat measures only the weight of the stone, not the size.

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