Friday, December 19, 2008

Lab Simulated Diamonds Hot this Christmas

With Christmas budget cuts, people are looking for ways to buy fancy jewelry for their loved ones. People are now finding that they can still purchase diamonds for their loved ones, thanks to lab simulated diamonds. Diamonds are being created in labs and are identical to mined diamonds but half the price. If you are having trouble affording diamond jewelry, look into lab simulated diamonds.

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With the growing industry of diamond trade, the demand for materials has drastically increased. To establish equilibrium, there had been a lot of artificial or synthetic materials used for diamonds. Aside from artificial diamond simulants, there are also the natural ones. Artificial simulants often include silicon carbide, white sapphires, and cubic zirconia. The natural simulants are beryl, quartz, and topaz which have above average hardness rates, and low refractive indexes.