Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I was at dinner last night with an old dear friend of mine. We discussed many topics in our catch up process but the one that still catches and replays in my mind is this.

He wanted to know if I was to look at a diamond, could I determine if it was mined or lab made. I pondered this for a while, even after dinner; and my conclusion was I don’t know.

I figured the only way to determine the origin of a diamond is with highly expensive equipment or a trained eye that can determine a growth pattern in the diamond, through the inclusions or lack of inclusions in the diamond. All of this can not be done with a 10x loupe; you would need a microscope to determine this.

Even after this little discovery of mine, I questioned people to ask what they thought. Some where stubbornly in the thought of, if I don’t get it form the earth and man has a hand in the process then it is not real, the old saying of, if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck is it a duck?
Then there was this one person I spoke to, the type that thinks they know everything, you know those type I am sure! Well after debating this issue back and fourth he finally agreed I was right, it is a diamond, but then to burst my bubble said, “but it want ever catch on”.

I am here working successfully at Jewelnet Inc and can say; guess what, it is catching on and it is a 100% diamond. Hey no one believed Christopher Columbus or Marco Polo when they said the earth was round and look at us today!

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