Thursday, January 24, 2008

Earth Share benefits from sale of environmentally friendly diamonds

According to press release on environmentally friendly cultured diamonds posted on wallstreet online, Renaissance Diamonds Inc., has announced that Earth Share will benefit from the sale of its jewelry made with environmentally friendly, cultured diamonds.

Earth Share is a national federation that works to support the country´s most respected environmental and conservation nonprofits. With the introduction of earth friendly fine jewelry, Renaissance Diamonds emerges as an eco-conscious leader in the industry. This landmark Renaissance Collection includes environmentally friendly rings, pendants and earrings in stunning new eco-chic designs for those wanting to buy cultured diamonds.

The cultured diamonds featured in Renaissance earth friendly fine jewelry are real diamonds and possess the same properties as earth-grown diamonds. However, while 250 tons of earth must be moved to make a single mined one carat diamond, these extraordinary vivid yellow cultured diamonds are made above ground in an environmentally friendly manner. This is just one benefit for eco-conscious consumers to buy cultured diamonds instead of mined ones.

Renaissance fine jewelry featuring Gemesis Cultured Diamonds(TM), can now be worn in good conscience by consumers wanting rings that are both high fashion and environmentally friendly. Neil Koppel, President and CEO of Renaissance Diamonds Inc. said, "Earth Share is the ideal environmental federation for us to partner with. We believe that our earth friendly diamonds give consumers the opportunity to make more than just a fashion statement when they wear our jewelry, it makes them feel good that they have a choice to purchase an elegant diamond and also support a very worthy organization."

Renaissance offers an exquisite selection of environmentally friendly couture jewelry including fashion and engagement rings, pendants and earrings featuring the patented and beautiful Renaissance Cut(TM). The exceptional handcrafted designs included in the Renaissance Anniversary, Bridal, Fashion and Solitaire Collections are available in 18kt or palladium. While mined vivid yellow diamonds can range upwards from $20,000 per carat, consumers can now buy these vivid cultured diamonds and own the ultimate affordable luxury.

Renny Perdue, Executive Vice-President of Earth Share says, "Earth Share is grateful for the generous support of Renaissance Diamonds Inc., and commends Renaissance for offering consumers a beautiful and earth friendly alternative to traditionally mined diamonds."

Visit and discover the affordable luxury of environmentally friendly, cultured diamonds in beautifully handcrafted settings for rings, earrings, necklaces and pendants.

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